Five dirty babes #womeninagriculture #blueridgeagriculture #octopusgardennc #smallfarms #csa

Five dirty babes #womeninagriculture #blueridgeagriculture #octopusgardennc #smallfarms #csa

By @jakc_friday 
#beets #chard #morganicgardening #communitygarden #freshdinner #rainwashed @lissybug @hearts_a_bustin

By @jakc_friday #beets #chard #morganicgardening #communitygarden #freshdinner #rainwashed @lissybug @hearts_a_bustin

Plant buddies!

Plant buddies! #plantsarefriends

Lil babe #fiddlehead #fern #blueridge #mountainlife

Lil babe #fiddlehead #fern #blueridge #mountainlife

Adventures in interdependence


The birth of a nation forgotten, a fantastic hand in gin rummy mirroring a winning smile: Friday, jack, July 5th. Jane Whichweek’s hermeneutic handbag produced a dandy sweet gingermint tea in mason jars to full effect. Joined by the spirits on Tennessee Williams and Ken Kesey rummy was set aside as we took up a game of spades in a spirit of self congratulation. Ten and Ken both played the queen one hand, which raised eyebrows, but the mystery will remain un-exhumed for as possibly passed into Lucien’s library (see:the sandman) a happy company arrived.image

John Van Muir with Teddy RooseVelt in tow! Hotdaniel had mentioned over the clank and jangle of routine maintenance that an associate might pass by after the solstice. The boston terrier of apprehension (I think his name is Linus) which always comes nipping at the heels of the moment when deep held respect wells up for its only first chance at pure transmission threatened, as it always does all bark and the tiniest of saran-wrap-cutter bites, to pull the pant cuff of proper speech back at just the moment of introduction when, to my still-expanding gratitude and relief, out of John stepped a foursome of familiarity.image

The ill family.  (

We spent the weekend in the mountains, under waterfalls (and under water) around tables and about kitchens. Mandy made incredible meals while Ryan, Jerry and Justin laid down tunes and insights in time with the occasion’s calls. Pressing discussions with Cat Stevens at center offered a necessary reference point for the question we answered by playing like children in the Blueridge, while The Boss’s true-talk and Garcia’s honest tenor helped us into heartfelt considerations of one anothers’ position be it couch, chair, stool, standing or floor.

Freedom’s the spitting image of interdependent days passed in lighthearted leisure. How about it?

p.s. Need to be free in style?

Check it out.

#lace #tinybedroom #bushouse #tinyhouse  #dreamland

#lace #tinybedroom #bushouse #tinyhouse #dreamland

nietzsche said

"in true love it is the heart which wraps the body."

Though naturally he was writing in german and quoting from the french.

But let’s not quibble over history. What matters most here is that we communicate; across dark matter distances of hypothetical energy transfer I raise my voice, you lend your ear.

Today I learned something, if not about the nature of love, certainly regarding the essence of ice cream.

The phrasing is tricky (my german is missing and my french left years ago) but with the help of the aforementioned and this visual aid I believe we can begin to understand one another.

Firefly Gathering: Important things to learn and share!

There are people already working to make sure we don’t lose the essential knowledge that allows humans to live peacefully with the earth not against it. These people have created something beautiful and world-changing, and all they want is to pass the knowledge along with love

I never change, I simply become more myself. — Joyce Carol Oates, Solstice (via observando)